Lock Repair

Properly executed lock repairs and installations are essential to a secure environment. So, what does a common repair or installation entail? That depends on the size and scale of the project. Surprisingly, many elements of repairs mirror installation steps.

No matter the situation, a locksmith begins by assessing lock's current condition. This includes a full inspection of outer clips, knobs, and screws. The locksmith also checks the surrounding frame to search for any abnormalities such as damaged wood. Talking with the owner about their experiences concerning the malfunctioning lock is also incredibly helpful. In some cases, it may be nothing more than a worn out door latch.

If all else fails on the external inspection, a locksmith continues to the internal structure. This segment involves a drill with screwdriver bit or screwdriver to remove all screws. After a few seconds, the lock is free of the frame and ready to be taken apart. Disassembling reveals any issues with the cylinder or tumbler. Repairs are usually made in under an hour for locks that can be saved.

When repairs are out of the question, the next step is installation. Installation is also a must for new areas that have not yet been fitted with a lock. A locksmith can start by offering great suggestions for the best brands before you settle on a selection. If you don't feel comfortable purchasing a new lock, your locksmith may bring what they think is the best choice for your situation.