Lock Repair

Locks are crucial to keeping any business secure. When something goes wrong, a professional locksmith can help. From moving into a new structure to replacing a damaged cylinder, their knowledge of commercial locks can bring piece of mind to any business. Unlike standard residential locks, this category of repair and installation carries its own challenges and special instructions.

Lock repairs are one of the most common calls a locksmith will receive. Repairs can cover issues such as corroded cylinders and jammed lock buttons. People with no training as a locksmith usually miss these issues until they become a security issue. No matter the reason, a professional locksmith knows what it takes the fix the situation. After arriving, they pay close attention to problem and discuss the best course of action.

If a repair just can't be done, it's time to look at a new lock. Installation is often easier on pre-drilled spaces or cutouts. Your locksmith can suggest the best new choices or bring your own selection for the project. When it's time for installation, additional changes may be necessary, but will ultimately lead to the best possible lock placement. You locksmith will always discuss any changes or issues that arise during the process. Choices that require additional changes to the frame or surrounding structure are never done without the owner's consent. You can also feel safe knowing that the entire area is protected by shielding and covering on the floor and surrounding spaces.