What Our Customers Say

They never gave up trying to get inside my car!

This guy was determined to open my 1992 Cadillac coupe deville. He went at it for hours. My car is not exactly so easy to get inside the trunk. You need the cars keys that turns on my car in order to activate the trunk button, and I had locked my keys inside the trunk. Long story short, he tried every key there was on the trunk and ignition. Neither worked. In the end he used these amazing bags that inflated my trunk, and the genius some how fished out my keys out the trunk. This guy is the real deal. Thanks to them I'm driving my car right now. Andrew

Able to Sleep Easy

I discovered that the lock on my most frequently used door was broken and would not lock. It was 10:30 on a Friday night. Even though I have two barely dogs, the idea of sleeping in an open house wasn't comfortable. I called Locksmith Today and by midnight I had a new deadbolt installed, my house locked tight, and no more worries about security. Thanks! Robin

Fast Service!

I was concerned that we'd have to wait awhile since we weren't in a 'lock-out' situation. Leo came right over and re-keyed our locks for our new home. He was the in 20 min and was very professional. Will definitely use him again next time I need locksmith services! Meshagae

Highly Satisfied

The lock smith came out in about 15 minutes, he was polite and courteous when dealing with my 87 year old grand mother, even called his boss to get us a cheaper price that we could afford. 5/5 stars and will recommend to any friends! Kayla

Awesome Job!

I needed them last minute and they came within 30 minute my service was done in 5 minute!! Awesome work! I recommend to everyone! Amy

Great Service

He was very respectful. He got the job done. Brianna

Reprogram a Key

Excellent service. Got me the key I needed an was very professional. Rey

You Guys are Great

Customer service was great and wow man the Locksmith came out quick love the service great job. Jay


Great guy, it was quick, fast, and easy. Jon

Good Service

I was locked out in the cold and they showed up in about 20 min and helped me out. Only charged me $29 for a service call. Great work Travis

Very Good Service, Very Friendly and Fast Work

Fast getting to our location, friendly on the phone and in person, fast service and low prices. Isaiah

Excellent, Prompt, Friendly Service

The locksmith followed up with me promptly, and arrived quickly. Was able to assess and take care of the situation professionally, and help me out during a time of distress. Opened my car quickly and without any damaged. Was very kind and helped me out. I will be using this service again! But hopefully not too soon! Cari